Our Story

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We all have a journey, a mission, and a story to tell.  Often our lives are inspired by others in a meaningful way, and to that extent, mine certainly has been. The desire to create something meaningful for those less fortunate has always been my entrepreneurial plan and my dream.  I wasn't sure how or when, but instinctively I believed that people and circumstances would come together to inspire a business that would ultimately contribute to our own health and the health of the planet.


As such, a percent of all net proceeds will be channeled to organizations which have direct impact on the health and wellness of all of us and our planet.


Our Mission

We are committed to making the most nutritionally superior, best tasting, high protein plant-based cookies, on the planet, for the planet.

Our Purpose

We are committed to contribute to the health of our fellow humans and our planet. We must help each other so we can all help save the planet. It will take all of us!

Our Story

The inspiration for a dessert-focused business started years ago with my mom. The original working woman,overachiever, and only daughter of Italian immigrants, she put 100% effort into everything she did. With her endless energy and passion for cooking, every meal was made from scratch, and desserts were nothing short of legendary. The aroma of spices, sauces, soups and more, permeated our house and called us to the table without fail.


When I discovered R.A.W. cooking 20 years ago, I knew I had found the modern day equal to the authentic, fresh, and intense flavors I was used to, but with a healthier twist.

I was hooked!!

Journey From Seed To Cookie

Participating in many forms of aerobic sports since I was young - including ballet, running, martial arts, and boxing - required that I seriously focus on what I ate as a basis for athletic energy and recovery.

I was constantly searching for the most natural, and healing nutrition that would support my life and my activities. When I found R.A.W. cooking, I realized I could end the frustrating search and make my own! When I created R.A.W. recipes, people responded with enthusiasm and wanted more... and now I am able to bring some of the best to you.